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Russia is increasing it’s air travel activities, as announced on Thursday, Russia will restart the civil aviation flights with six new countries, that includes Syria.

Flight suspension during last year were aimed at combating the novel coronavirus pandemic, when whole world came to a stand still.

Resuming the flights was prompted due to the decision of the ‘Russian Committee of Combating Coronavirus Outbreak’ , which said that from April 1st, flights will be resumed with Cyprus, Germany, Venezuela, Syria, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Sri Lanka.

The Committee informed that the decision of resuming flights is a mere reflection of Covid-19 pandemic situation in the respective countries and they considered the epidemiological situation in each of these six countries, as the Committee allowed the resumption of flights with Syria at a rate of one flight a week.

Since last August , Russia has gradually opened the air space and begun the air travel resumption with other countries that includes United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt.

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